Bill Scmalfeldt Get’s Fired

billfiredHere’s a picture of all it took to get Bill Schmalfeldt fired!  Just a friendly little DMCA to the “Examiner.” Bill thought it would be cool to harass the innocent in Wisconsin. Bill thought he could outwit and outsmart the KNOT.  Bill was wrong.  Bill got FIRED.  Bill lost his job and is now on Federal Assistance, leeching off the poor tax payers of the State of Maryland.

Bill lives in a trailer park.  Bill makes false claims about serving his country. Bill tells people he was in the Navy. Bill tells people he was in the Army. Bill tells people he see’s dead people. Bill is bat shit crazy.

Bill claims disability.  Bill tells people he has Parkinson’s disease. Only problem is, Bill has the Parkinson’s that allows you complete motor functions, does not cause tremors and requires no legitimate treatment from health professionals.  In short; Bill is full of shit.

Bill is a crazy old man living in a tin can. Bill masturbates to pictures of pirates while his wife suffers from cancer. Bill is disturbed.   While Bill’s ailing wife lay near death in a hospital, Bill poops on pictures of people he stalks on Facebook.  Bill is also gay.  Bill had oral sex with Pete Ganze while his wife was recovering from cancer treatment.

Did I mention that Bill has no job?  A Pirate in Wisconsin Got Bill Fucking Fired and Laughs At him Daily!

Bill is a prime example of the typical Obama supporter.  Caucasian white trash living in a trailer on disability immersed in a fantasy of military service, literary genius and bowl movements.  Bill is also Unemployed.

Here is the response from the on November 30th, 2011 – the letter that got Bill Schmalfeldt FIRED:

“Mr. Pirate,
Upon receipt of your emails, we have removed screenshots and links to any of your or anyone’s personal information since including that information in articles violates our Terms of Use. In the links you have provided below, however, it is unclear in what content appearing on those pages you own the copyright or trademark. I also searched the trademark records on the US Trademark and Patent Office website, and there were no results of registered trademarks for “Pirate,” as you indicate in your email. If you have documentation that your name is a registered trademark, please send us such information. We look forward to your response.
Best regards,

Bill got Fired.

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3 Responses to Bill Scmalfeldt Get’s Fired

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  2. Do you have any links or references on possible doubtful validity or weaseling around with respect to his disease and service claims. All I have is doubts based on his revealed character that he isn’t being truthful about any of this but it would be interesting to see some more solid proof if available. Thanks.

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