Have you seen Lena and Tom?


This was just handed to us from one of beat reporters in the field.

By Walt Coogan

According to sources, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor have been in a torrid love affair since June 6th, 2012. The morning after his failed bid to unseat Governor Scott Walker, Taylor met Barrett for breakfast at The Café at the Pfister hotel in downtown Milwaukee. Taylor could be heard expressing her displeasure with the results of the previous day’s election telling Barrett “Yo ignant train idea messed dis shit up”.

Several hours later the two were seen entering the Super Video and Variety Adult shop in West Allis. Lubes and oils were being discussed until Senator Taylor found a whip, swung it at Barrett and claimed “Dat old white lady only slapped yo face, I’m gonna make yu mah bitch”

Since then Barrett and Taylor have frequented several Milwaukee watering holes including the LaCage Nite Club and the Harbor Bar known as “Milwaukee’s Premier Leather Bar” Both ironically are located in the “Walker’s Point” district.

Where will this power couple be seen next?

We’re knot sure but it’s great to see them supporting local businesses.

It’s on the internet so it has be true right?

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