FUCK.. Wrong one. Just when I thought there was a hint of justice in this cruel liberal dominated world. As fate would have it, the “POPE” retiring is KNOT Jenna Pope but the current Pontiff.  5816_1077427628004_1595640107_30184460_2715040_nAs luck would have it while vacationing at my 3’rd of 8 summer homes up in Lake Winnipesaukee I took this lovely snapshot of the bustling white caps coming in off the south shore.  At first glance you might think, what is that 12 year old boy doing in a bikini?  Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 1.01.43 PMIf your eyes are a little blurry and you’ve had a few imported NON-NEWGLARUS brews from a respectable Republican brewery, you might drum up half a chubba staring at that tight round can wrapped in what can only be described as Fruit Stripes Gum!

That is until you realize it’s a dirty fucking hippie using my lake front as a bath house.  Yes, folks, it’s Jenna Pope before the gender reassignment for the upcoming Rachel Maddow look-a-like contest was complete.150146_2887317194112_1595640107_31934245_835887878_n

Here we see the transformation just weeks after V Jay Jay became Bratwurst.  Jenna recently left Wisconsin for New York.  Like most young women, er, I mean, most young gender reassigned hippies, he/she was chasing a dream, that or higher quality ganja.  Become a star on Broadway?  Perhaps get her own sitcom or late night TV Show? No, Jenna has lowered expectations. He/She’s a liberal.  Like most koolaid drinking drones on the left, Jenna’s spirit, drive and ambition were broken years ago when he/she chose to suck off the tit that is the tax payer.  When KNOT dressing up like a Bat, Jenna pimps out whats left of her skank-o-muff for used iBooks and sweat socks.  She’s now balls deep into her new life in the big city doing what most out east do best. NOTHING.

Instead of blogging about her trials and tribulations as an aspiring Occupier, she now cozies up to sexually confused mental masterbators and other displaced midwest college students living in NYC drinking lattes and eating coffee cake paid for by Pell Grants.

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