What is “Knot My Wisconsin” you find yourself not asking?

“Knot My Wisconsin” was founded out of reaction to the lies and smears of the far liberal left who felt the only voice needed was their own.
 During the Madison tantrum…when teachers shut down schools to complain about their paychecks..while screaming that its “for the children  The same children who were not in school…because their teachers called in sick.
Tired of having comments deleted and comments taken out of context, two of us set out to build a group of people who, fed up with the bullshit..and more at ease with an ax than a scalpel to fight back. Our group has grown into something we never imagined at the start.
We now are a group of ACTION..rather that REACTION. This website is new. The idea is not.
We will be fully up and hating on people in the next few days. hitler2

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