Sunday Edition Meet Roberta Retrum


Everyone meet Roberta from Eagle River, Wisconsin.  You might know her as the toof, Birfa, the ugly fat pig, and Roberta Rectum.  Berta brings a special type of hate to the table and special type of poop from her own driveway.  As you can see by the screen shot below from a page on Facebook that she is admin of. She is a big fan of ours, and yes we live rent free in her fat head.


Attack ? What are you two dollar ass clowns attacking? Us?  LULZ!!!!!!!!!!  Good luck with that one.   What is the definition of hypocrisy? Crying for the last two years on Facebook about freedom of speech, but asking others to report someone to try and remove theirs.  I’m rather sure by now that the majority of you fully understand that liberals like Berta here only want freedom of speech and expression only when it suits their agenda.  All other speech is subjected to suppression by them.

Oh and nothing screams angry liberal douche canoe like asking a 15k liked Facebook page to go attack someone. The D0x file? Epic failure(more on this in a later story).  To quote the evil genius Jerry Fletcher; We Aint Skeered!

Apparently Berta’s Facebook life is very serious business for her.  So much that she is using multiple accounts on Facebook. In which are here and  here.  I guess that is what happens when you are bitter toothless crazy old drunk from Eagle River that the majority in your own surrounding communities can’t stand .  Rumors have it that she has been thrown out of Lumpy’s quite a few times.  Who sits on Facebook and announces to everyone that she is in tears over a primary election for the Wisconsin state supreme court?  Then lashes out at everyone for not voting in a primary election?  The Toof, that’s who.

It must really suck waking up daily being that much of an angry person who hates their very existence on this planet.  Some of her other hate can be viewed on the Staph Infections I will get more likes than Scott Walker page . Where she is also an admin of. Yes, it’s absolutely hilarious watching liberal males on that page fawn over a Facebook picture of the skank Stephanie Leigh yet can not grasp the simple concept that the majority of posts are actually from Roberta. Talk about false advertisement.

Just remember this folks.  No Gnews is Good Gnews with Gary…Gnu!

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