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Union Sheep Kenosha School Board Candidate Kyle Flood

Everyone meet Kyle Flood.   Kyle is currently running for KUSD school board in Kenosha , Wisconsin .  Kyle here is a finger puppet for school board incumbent union lackey Rebecca Stevens .   Both are on the ballot in Kenosha April … Continue reading

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Attention followers.

First of all I appreciate the intel that has crammed my inbox on the disturbing behavior displayed by Mary M. of Brookfield Wisconsin towards members of our great group.  I must however tell you that as a responsible blogger, I … Continue reading

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Bobby Gee: How Robert Gifford turned into an internet stalker.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to this weeks internet stalker, one Robert Gifford of Stevens Point WI. Many of you may be wondering why that name should be important to you. That my friends is rather simple. You … Continue reading

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Further proof the left has became unhinged.

Attention KnotCo Intl employees, families, and fans. It appears the left has finally realized that they have no way to beat us (Only took 3 years, never said they were quick.). That is why they have decided to join us … Continue reading

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A Real Inconvenient Truth

Attacks on the 2nd Amendment are at an all time high today.  The loony lefties are attempting to capitalize on the slaughter of children by blaming the gun and not the killer.  Well, folks much like a nasty rash on … Continue reading

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Walker Signs Mining Bill

Scott Walker signs the mining bill SB1/AB1  into law …and in the land of cuckoo for cocoa puffs   ;             

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Madison Mourns Chavez

By Nellie Bly Hundreds of thousands of students and other area mourners gathered in Madison to celebrate the life of benevolent leader Hugo Chavez.  Chavez died suddenly on March 5th, leaving a dark hole in the hearts of his many … Continue reading

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Our thoughts and prayers go out……..

This snow filled day in March, the 6.237 million people nationwide who consider themselves members of KnotCo Intl. would like to send our thoughts and prayers out to the family of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. President Chavez passed away earlier … Continue reading

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Die Hard: Commie Edition

It has been a few days since the news of the John Doe investigation being closed, but there are still a few hangers making complete asses of themselves in OUR Capitol building. I have no idea why these idiots continue … Continue reading

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Attention all followers of this great blog.

Greetings! As your duly elected (3rd ballot by proxy) KnotCo Intl. Sensitivity Director, I have been asked to write a weekly advice column to grace this fabulous page. As part of my duties I will fulfill the wishes of so … Continue reading

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