Meet Bill Schmalfeldt

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Everyone meet Bill aka Shaky.    Bill is a crossbreed between Barney Fife internet detective and a King Kong Bundy internet tough guy type.  We first came across Bill during the Operation Burn Notice days. In which was the greatest troll in the history of Facebook.   However, more on OBN on a later date.    You may have also seen another teaser from this blog post on this site. Yes Bill used to be a writer for the Examiner. Used to be is the key word here.

Billy is well known for harassment of others on social networking and he will stop at nothing to get his man.  Here is a good example of Bill and his bullying messages to people via Facebook;


Yes, this is Bill making threats to a woman on Facebook of taken away her kids if he doesn’t get the information he wants. Cute huh? Needless to say the point and laughs were endless with Bill on that one.   Watch out for Bill thought. He’s a brawler.


Bill is always quite good at playing the victim card and getting others to feel sorry for him after he takes a pounding by people. Don’t believe the hype. Bill continues to harass people, making threats to people , and posting people IP addresses every day. It’s why he has lost so many Facebook accounts in the past.  In his latest adventures Bill has been banned from Daily Kos for anal rape satire. You can check out all TheOtherMcCain blog pieces on Billy here.  Another blogger that Bill has moved up to harassing and bullying is Lee Stranahan. Lee has recently filed cyber stalking charges on Billy.

Here is another example of Billy and him harassing someone via Linked-In to get information. This time for “liking” a post on a Facebook page.


Bill will always be the Knots bitch.  Yes , Billy is a few cans short of a six pack. However, push comes to shove. Bill is just not smart. In fact we would rank him up there as one of the dumbest liberal douchebags we’ve ever come across on the interwebz. Not only does his internet detective skills suck .  He has also been pinched by the Johnny Law for being an asshat.

We leave with an all time classic from the OBN days.  You can’t touch this.

Update; We want to make something perfectly clear here. This material here is to educate you about the bullies on the internet. Do not try this at home. We are professionals. Leave the trolling of asshats like this to us.

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7 Responses to Meet Bill Schmalfeldt

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  3. Mac says:

    Oh Billy…..

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