Well Duh……..More Wisconsin Lefty Moonbats

Every once in a while we like to stroll through the insanity known as Wisconsin Liberal Facebook pages to have a laugh or two. Most of the time their content is just borderline loony, which is funny, but not funny enough to blog about here. Today however we ventured upon a post from the Scott Walker is A Douchebag page. This page was started by everybody’s favorite staph infection and is currently being administered by “The Toof”, Roberta Rectum. The following is the status that rocket scientist Roberta posted:

I just learned that Trig’s is cutting back their employees’ hours to 28
per week, i.e., below 30. I believe that this allows them to not
provide health insurance benefits to their employees. Moreover, they
are spreading the rumor that they are doing this because of Obama care.
I’m not sure what their decision, if anything, has to do with
Obama care. Trig’s employees and their assistant manager confirm this
cutback. However, their AM also alleges that the other local grocery in
Minocqua (Save More) is doing the same. I checked with Save More and,
while they have heard what Trig’s is doing, there is no indication that
Save More is following suit. This was told to me by the person who
schedules their staff.

Trig’s has the reputation of being Republican as well as generous
philanthropical, but this anti-labor practice is very upsetting–as is
the rumor that it’s because of Obama care.

Such action on the part of Trig’s is worth complaints, boycotts, letters
to the editor, etc. Please do what your consciences dictate. At the
very least, when you shop at Trig’s stop by their service counter and
voice your feelings about this and tell everyone that you know about
this as well.

Trig’s has stores in Minocqua, Rhinelander, Eagle River, Wausau and Stevens Point

Well let us examine the lunacy of this post. First of all, many people warned us that Obama Care would force many companies to do this. The profit margin of an even a well run grocery chain is small and being made smaller with the expense of doing business in Obama’s America (See gas prices for an example). Secondly, and most amusing to me is that their response to this LOCAL employer being unable to keep their employees full-time, is to boycott. Umm morons, how does putting them out of business help the people who work there in any way? You guys are so full of crap, you don’t even realize what you are asking people to do.

Roberta and the rest of you bafoons at that joke of a FB page, this post is pathetic and much like the recall, you are all epic losers.

More Liberal Lunacy compliments of Roberta

More Liberal Lunacy compliments of Roberta

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3 Responses to Well Duh……..More Wisconsin Lefty Moonbats

  1. Holy crap that woman is 50 shades of stupid. I remember when she claimed people were throwing poop bags in her yard. Why would anyone waste a good healthy shit on her?

  2. sanpatso says:

    You know as good as I am, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried…lol

  3. Lela Bast says:

    Well, if thir boycott goes anything like all their other boycotts, business should be booming.

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