Madison Mourns Chavez

By Nellie Bly

Hundreds of thousands of students and other area mourners gathered in Madison

Imageto celebrate the life of benevolent leader Hugo Chavez.  Chavez died suddenly on March 5th, leaving a dark hole in the hearts of his many fans and followers.

Erick Matthews, a UW sophomore who is double- majoring in Wealth Redistribution and Classical Vuvuzela, said he felt like Chavez was “the father he never had”.  (Reports confirm Matthews was raised by his biological father, an architect in Sun Prairie who pays his son’s full tuition and apartment expenses.)

Annie Angstrom, a senior majoring in Protest Arts, was asked why she chose to gather to honor Chavez and replied, “This Is What Democracy Looks Like!”  When asked again, Angstrom replied, “Shame! Shame! Shame!


Lucas Potter in his “Chavez shirt”

Lucas Potter, a self-described “6th year senior” whose major is undeclared, said, “Do I think Chavez was a great man?  #&%$, yes, he’s a great man.  Why else would I be wearing a T-shirt with his picture on it?”

The world will move on, but for now, Madison is taking a moment to remember their fallen hero.  Also, plans for a pajama party inside the Capitol building are currently underway.

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