A Real Inconvenient Truth

Attacks on the 2nd Amendment are at an all time high today.  The loony lefties are attempting to capitalize on the slaughter of children by blaming the gun and not the killer.  Well, folks much like a nasty rash on Staph’s butt, the truth eventually comes out.  What the freak show idiots in Madison do not realize is that guns save lives everyday in America and most of the time they are saving the life of a woman.  The following is just one recent example of a woman being saved by a man and his gun.


So I ask you, who is truly conducting a war on women today?  It is certainly not the law abiding gun owners.  Remember idiots, when you point your finger, you are pointing 3 fingers back at yourself.


Guns do not kill people, idiots do. Guns save lives everyday in this country.

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