Bobby Gee: How Robert Gifford turned into an internet stalker.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to this weeks internet stalker, one Robert Gifford of Stevens Point WI. Many of you may be wondering why that name should be important to you. That my friends is rather simple. You know him as Bobby Gee. Yes, that Bobby Gee. The one who has went to such great lengths to stalk us he actually was a part of a group of degenerates who created a “pastebin” account listing many of our’s personal information. His own admission to being a part of such shennanigans can be found here:


I know what you are all thinking, why would Robert Gifford of 517 Fieldcrest Avenue, Stevens Point WI give two shits about a a small group of people he has never met before? Maybe, just maybe it has something to do with the company Bobby is trying to get through the start up phase as we speak. BioDiverse City is a food cooperative listing its address as the same address that Mr. Gifford uses as his home address. Must be having problems finding a bank here that will support his newest endeavor.


So sad how this Bobby Gee thinks that he can intimidate and pick on innocent people who he has never met before. Yet he does it with so much wreckless abandon, I felt it needed to be brought to the forefront. Here below is further proof to our readers that Mr Gee is indeed a Facebook stalker and should be dealt with accordingly.


In my next posting I hope to delve deeper into a 2008 news report of an accident involving Mr. Gifford where an 18 year old Wisconsin Rapids man expired. This is all according to a local television report.

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