Union Sheep Kenosha School Board Candidate Kyle Flood


Everyone meet Kyle Flood.   Kyle is currently running for KUSD school board in Kenosha , Wisconsin .  Kyle here is a finger puppet for school board incumbent union lackey Rebecca Stevens .   Both are on the ballot in Kenosha April 2nd elections.  As many of you know. This is what they do. The unions attempt the school board with union friendly candidates that do not keep the best interest of the tax payers in the school district in mind.  Yes, its been one of the biggest running scams in this state. In fact , Kyle Flood was recently questioned on act 10 and the ramifications of it.  Here is the reply one of us received about his stance on Act 10.


As you can see. Kyle didn’t understand that collective bargaining wasn’t a “right” and actually thought Act 10 outlawed collective bargaining.  This is the kid people want to elect to a school board? Handling a multi million dollar budget?     One who can not even use basic facts ? Now you may have caught the story via EAG about Kyle Flood who brandishes a knife in a public school classroom However, it has come to our attention that Kyle’s harassment doesn’t stop there.  He has now moved up into the gray area of cyber stalking and identity theft to harass other candidates .


Kyle took it upon himself to create this fraudulent account on Facebook on March 21,12:23 a.m. to harass David Gallo. Who is another candidate for KUSD board.  As you can see minutes after that profile was created, it was on the David Gallo site posting.  The name on the account?  Tyler Hughes. Well it turns out “Tyler Hughes” profile picture is actually a person by the name of Samuel John Whiston. Who lives in London,UK.

Oh it doesn’t stop there. The day before that. Kyle once again took it upon himself to steal another persons identity from twitter, and create another facebook account.  This time the profile name was “Lauren Powell”.    When questioning Kyle on this on his KUSD school board page. The post was immediately deleted  from his Facebook page.  kylescam

Well once again through a simple search. It turns out that “Lauren Powell” profile picture is actually a women by the name of Jennifer Burns who attends the University of Minnesota according to her twitter account and has never been a Wisconsin resident.

Kyle has been busy as a beaver scrubbing his past off the internet as late as well. We wonder why that is?

This is how desperate that Wisconsin unions have become. They are now reaching out to our children to brain wash them at a feeble attempt to continue to get their way and electing sheep to school boards.  We wonder if Dan Bice will dig into this?  Probably not!

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