Dane County Animals Activist Attempts To Pull A Fast One

So we come across this article about the Wisconsin conservation congress spring hearings and elections tonight and a Dane county resident Melissa Smith attempting to get on the board.  The article claims ” Though she said she is not opposed to sustenance hunting” and Smith herself claims ” “I’m not an anti-hunter,” Smith said”   Um wow, apparently state journal doesn’t do much homework and just believed her at her word.

First, Let’s take a look at this shall we? Lets take a look at this list and activity from Change.org online petitions ?   Now lets take a look at how she is telling people to answer the spring hearing ballot  ;



As you can see by the votes she wants . Not only is Melissa anti-hunting, and anti-trapping.  It’s very apparent she is anti-fishing as well.

Now some of you may know Melissa from the “Stop Wisconsin Wolf Hunt” Facebook page that she operates.   However, her roots go back even deeper here. She is a strong advocate of the internet group “Wolf Army“, and she is attempting to pawn off that she isn’t anti-hunting.  Wow just wow!!!!  We’ve seen some fast ones in our time, but this one ranks right up there as a pretty good point and laugh session.

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