Wisconsin Democrats…Eating Their Own

Daniel Bice has a nice little write up in the JSO yesterday of another city of Milwaukee worker using county time to campaign against Governor Scott Walker and the residency rule in Milwaukee.

This seems to be a growing trend in the Milwaukee county.  In 2010-11 liberal hate blogger , union thug  and Milwaukee county health department employee Chris Liebenthal was suspended for ten days and cost himself $2051 in pay for blogging on the tax payers dime.

In May of 2012 , Kris Barrett, A Milwaukee Public school teacher and wife of mayor Tom Barrett was caught campaigning on the tax payers dime as well for her husband who ran against Scott Walker in the June 2012 recall.

Will Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm be launching a lengthy Joe Doe investigation over this?  Oh wait he already completed one, and what were his findings?   Hmmmmmm odd that we heard nothing about the finding or leaks on this when it actually involves union workers and Democrats.

In other news, Looks like we have ourselves a good old fashion cat fight going on between State Senator Lena Taylor and former Wisconsin state rep.Tamara Grigsby via Facebook with other democrats jumping in .


77114_157275157772697_1337508013_n    541492_157275161106030_1025419882_n


We will try to keep this updated if we get more. However, it looks as if Senator Lena Taylor isn’t get much love around the capitol as of late.

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