Boston Marathon And The Main Stream Media

First things first before we get even get started. Our prayers go out the victims and their families of the terrorist attack in Boston yesterday.  Yes, I said it, even if Obama will not. A terrorist attack. That is exactly what happened yesterday in Boston.  Secondly, our hats goes off to every first responder , fire fighter , police officer and EMT unit in the Boston area today. Giving the situation they did one hell of a job yesterday.

Now on to todays stuck on stupid idiots of the world.  Oh boy , our main stream media sure didn’t waste any time trying to turn this tragic event political did they?

We have Chris Matthews from MSNBC stating “Let me ask you about domestic terrorism as a category. Normally, domestic terrorists, people tend to be on the far right”

Really Chris ?  Go tell that to Bill Ayers or um hum Ft Hood Shooter: Registered Democrat and Muslim. Columbine Shooters: Too young to vote … both families were Registered Democrats and progressive liberals. Virginia Tech shooter: Wrote hate mail to President Bush and to his staff. Registered Democrat. Colorado theater shooter: Registered Democrat, staff worker on the Obama campaign, occu­py wall street participant .. progressive liberal.  Connecticut school shooter: Registered Democrat. Hated Christians.    Curious, isn’t it?

Then we have CNN’s Wolf Blitzer who took no time to speculate that “anti-tax groups” may have been behind the attack because it was Patriots day with zero evidence. Of course the New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof didn’t disappoint via tweeter with attempting to make a connection between the ATF needing a director and Senate Republicans.

Conspiracy theory nut job Alex Jones absolutely wasted no time to show the entire world that he is two scoops of stupid either. No facts, no details, minutes into the terrorist attack but it was instantly a government conspiracy theory.  Uhhhhh ok. Did you want to pick up your medication now from your local Walgreen’s , Alex  ?

Then we have a MSNBC analyst that rambles on about “One ‘Small’ Device By One Individual ‘Not Representative’ Of Any Group “  Of course if it was a Christian, Republican, and or tea party member those comments would be the exact opposite from the network for unicorns and pixie dust.

Speaking of hate and idiocy .  It’s apparent that it’s just not limited to our main stream media in our country.   In the eve of the attack yesterday. It’s seem as if the local Wisconsin liberal moon bats will use any means necessary to take a jab at Governor Scott Walker.   Yes even on Facebook in a thread the Governor created to giving his condolences  and prays in. It’s clear that Wisconsin liberals do not know a thing about having class.  

Liberal dingbat Mick Thomas of Sun Prairie,Wi is more worried about hating Walker then the terrorist attack in Boston

Liberal dingbat Mick Thomas of Sun Prairie,Wi is more worried about hating Walker then the terrorist attack in Boston

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