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CJ Montour: Kettle or pot? You decide.

Sometimes while stumbling around the interwebz  I find something’s that are just too far over the edge from reality to make up.  With that being said, let me introduce you to CJ Montour. Classy lad isn’t he? As you will … Continue reading

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The Girls That Cried Wolf?

So here we are stumbling around the land of unicorns and pixie dust and we stumble on to this golden nugget of a blog piece with a blog radio interview from Yuri Rashkin. Who has now spammed this link all … Continue reading

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Tears are Delicious

We must say not only is this epic butthurt but there is a ton of tin beanie wearing conspiracy theories wrapped up in this crying rant of Lisa’s.   Mean while. The actually truth comes out.  One of our liberal … Continue reading

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June 5th ,2012

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows what happened one year ago today.  If you’re out and about and see a liberal today or on Facebook trolling. Just simply remind them that Walker won by a bigger margin … Continue reading

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