Tears are Delicious


We must say not only is this epic butthurt but there is a ton of tin beanie wearing conspiracy theories wrapped up in this crying rant of Lisa’s.



Mean while. The actually truth comes out.  One of our liberal friends tips us off that Lisa Wells took it upon herself to create a fake community page named “RC Blohm” …which was made to bully and harass the real RC Blohm who is a Wisconsin resident on the Governor Scott Walker page.. RC has been contacted.

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4 Responses to Tears are Delicious

  1. Holy crap that woman must have had 2 extra cups of stupid on her Wheaties this morning.

  2. Tyrell Gibsme-Mohr says:

    She is twice as ugly on the outside as on the inside.

  3. Segway Boi says:

    Did somebody beat that poor woman with an ugly stick? There can be no doubt that with as much time as she spends on Facebook, that she is a primary suspect for making multiple harassment pages. She likes playing with fire.

  4. Howard Earle says:

    Why does Geddy Lee want to indict the governor?

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