The Girls That Cried Wolf?

So here we are stumbling around the land of unicorns and pixie dust and we stumble on to this golden nugget of a blog piece with a blog radio interview from Yuri Rashkin. Who has now spammed this link all over Facebook. Yuri was interviewing two ladies crying about Facebook’s reporting system. Seriously, if you can stand it. Give it a listen. It’s actually quite funny.

The two women in question that are giving the interview. One you all know by the name of Stephanie Leigh.  Another that attempted to stay anonymous. Well we here at the Knot will tell you the second lady in question is. It’s none other than our good friend and Scott Walker and Knot stalker Roberta Retrum. Yes, two of the biggest ass clowns on Facebook from the Wisconsin recalls.

Roberta Rectum shows everyone on facebook her hypocrisy daily

Roberta Rectum shows everyone on Facebook her hypocrisy daily. Even her own children have told her how crazy and obsessed she is.

In this interview Roberta and Stephanie pull the typical liberal victim card. You see according to them. They are the victims. They do nothing wrong. They have never violated Facebooks terms of service. They have never harassed anyone. They are the ones being singled out and picked on here.  Never accept responsibilities for anything that have done.  Well to steal a quote from the movie Ace Venture Pet Detective ;


Well we here at the Knot would like to set the record straight and our version will be a hell of a lot more closer to the truth than that of what you heard durning that blog radio piece.

First off . Lets take a look a Facebook’s terms of service. That they swear they have never broken, shall we?

Let start off with 4.2;
You will not create more than one personal account.

Hmm interesting, considering both have multiple accounts on Facebook.   These are not gamer accounts. They are not one for fun and or old accounts as they attempt to claim. These accounts are used for one thing and one thing only. Harassment of others.

Stephanie Leigh has three accounts;

Roberta Retrum has three accounts;

Now let’s run down memory lane here . Stephanie created several pages(We can’t stand Icki Vicki Mckenna, and Icky Vicki McKenna is a Cunt)  during the recall to harass and bully both Wisconsin republicans and Wisn AM 1130 radio talk show host Vicki McKenna. On this page they would ask people to write or contact  WISN owners Clear channel to attempt to get Vicki McKenna fired. Repeatedly Stephanie would ask her followers of the page to go report and harass both Vicki and her listeners of the show and followers of Vicki’s facebook page. They manage to get Vicki suspended a couple of times from Facebook during the Wisconsin recalls.  

They also took it upon themselves to harass and threaten several conservative teachers on this same site. There is screen shots of the one time, and we here at the Knot certainly recall Stephanie herself taken the time to post a certain conservative teachers email address on her “I will get more likes” than Scott Walker” page to get her bullied and harassed. Where this teacher received hundreds of death threats and harassing emails.


Yeah cute huh? Stephanie and Roberta are also pretty famous for practicing freedom of speech for me but not for thee.  Just like they did to Vicki McKenna during the recall.  See here from one of their now dead facebook pages ;

busted Now let’s go back to facebook terms of service and their page TOS. This time lets look at 4.6 and 4.7 ;
You will not bully, intimidate, or harass any user.
You will not post content that: is hate speech, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.

Now let’s take a look a few other screen shots where Roberta and Stephanie repeatedly posted several versions of a blog piece of people with information that contained home addresses, email addresses , home and cell phone numbers, and job information of people that supposedly belong to the “Knot”. When 99% of it is incorrect. This is better known as the “Knot D0x” that we constantly point and laugh at.




Hey we’ve tried to tell them it was bogus information. Yet they are sitting around scratching their heads and wondering why their pages are disappearing and people are reporting them?

We also find it funny that Yuri Rashkin who gave the interview also has admins on several of the same pages that Stephanie and Roberta do.  Yes, we kid you “Knot”.   One of them being a page he created called  Defending news Round up . Ironically enough. It wasn’t that long ago that Yuri begged people to donate money to Stephanie. This was almost Segway boy scamming like.   Yuri also created this trolling page  during the Scott Walker Recall.  Was this a loaded interview by these three to play the victim card?  You bet your ass it was.

You do not want to be reported or your pages taken down? Stop harassing people on social networks.  That is a pretty simple concept those three have yet to grasp, and if you want to sit on Facebook and play the trolling game? Don’t cry when Facebook slaps your hands for it and attempt to play the sweet innocent victim.

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