CJ Montour: Kettle or pot? You decide.

Sometimes while stumbling around the interwebz  I find something’s that are just too far over the edge from reality to make up.  With that being said, let me introduce you to CJ Montour.


Classy lad isn’t he?

As you will read more about later, being classy is a very important part of his character make up.  CJ describes himself as a professional protestor.  He has littered the pages of Facebook the last 1.5 years playing the victim here in WI.    CJ  also is very good at charging conservatives with reporting his postings on Facebook, when in reality, he is just spewing more of the typical hypocrisy that we have all became accustomed to from the lefties in ‘Sconnie.


What you talking about Willis?  does that say that CJ Montour is FINALLY telling the truth and admitting that he is the one reporting people for whimsical reasons to Facebook in the hope of getting them banned?

The hilarity of CJ’s postings and rants on Facebook do not end there however.  Check out the screen shot taken from the fabulous First lady of Wisconsin, Tonette Walker’s Facebook page.  If the picture is indeed correct, it appears the internet tough guy CJ Montour has an issue with our First Lady’s weight.


Now, I know you are thinking the same thing I am.  Why does CJ give two poops about the weight of Wisconsin’s First lady?  Certainly they do not hang out in the same circle of friends.   Is CJ prejudice against people who could be considered plus sized in nature?


Above is a picture of CJ attending a protest in Madison with his wife.  Yes, that is his wife standing in front of him, a little to the left.  Kettle, meet pot……….  Deciding which one CJ is, is totally up to you.  I do not judge.

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One Response to CJ Montour: Kettle or pot? You decide.

  1. G Gruess says:

    Laying the pipe to that land whale would be Mission Impossible. I’ll bet he just beams when that ogre is hanging on his arm.

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