Mission Accomplished

Pointing and Laughing At The Liberal Moonbats One Blog Post At A Time

Pointing and Laughing At The Liberal Moonbats One Blog Post At A Time

Well seems like we’ve created a ruckus around the land of unicorns and the hippie tears are flowing from our blog piece about  The Girls That Cried Wolf .

You now have Yuri Rashkin trying to save face with spitting out a blog piece and on the air waves . If you have an hour to kill? Try and attempt to listen to it. It will not be easy. Pretty boring stuff and a whole lot of crying from “Madame X”. Which Yuri slips up about four times and calls her Roberta on air as she goes off the deep end and has quite the meltdown.

You also have Chris Liebenthal crying the blues on his blog . You might remember Chris in an older blog post of ours.  Chris was the Milwaukee blogger who was caught blogging on the tax payers dime.  

Then you have this loser that took it upon himself to create a blog called “Die Tea Scum”. Yeah real tolerant this one is. His hate knows no bounds.  You may known him better as “Hungry Guy” from the recall.  Where he went on his fake hunger strike . You can view some of Matthews hate and ignorance and his famous internet tough guy acts on twitter as well. Where he goes by this name @MadtownMayhem .


Matthew Shows Us What He Thinks About On A Daily Basis

We here at the Knot are flattered. We knew we lived rent free in a few heads but it’s safe to now say that a few of them just lay awake at night and think about us. It must really suck to be them.  You know what is missing from every blog post and Facebook post from these liberals? Facts and proof, but don’t let that stop a great meltdown and temper tantrum.  As we sit back and point and laugh at them some more.

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2 Responses to Mission Accomplished

  1. anon747 says:

    Read back through many posts, nice work.

    Have to keep it ‘anon’,personal reasons.

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