The Mining Issue The Real Story

So the fine upstanding gentlemen and women at both Media Trackers and Right Wisconsin have been doing a fantastic job of keeping everyone up to date with the current happenings of the anti-mining folks. We are going to take this a step further here and show you how loony these people are and how they continue attempt the oldest trick in the books. It’s called bait and switch.

By now you already know of the June 11th attack and  story of the Eco terrorists in northern Wisconsin harassing and threatening people who’ve been doing testing for the mine.  Then we have Thistle “Who are these people” Pettersen  who took it upon herself  to spew “I say we slit their throats and watch their blood trickle” in a song.  Yet they have the stones to actually try this make this about armed guards ? As if people were suppose to be outraged because of their thuggery?

You might have also caught today’s news with officials in Iron County passing a resolution authorizing the county to pursue all criminal and civil actions necessary to bring the camp into compliance and hold organizers accountable.

Yes you reading this right.  They’re protesting alleged environmental damage from a mine by get this… setting up a camp which violates environmental regulations.  You would think the hypocrisy and idiocy would stop there right?  Oh no, obviously just starting to learn that northern Wisconsin is not Madison,Wisconsin where hippies roam free and are allowed to not obey the law just isn’t enough for them.

Some how , some way they were once again doped over a facebook community and spew their faux anger over it . This is now about a facebook page says Barbara With. From the article Barbara With is quoted stating;

 This issue is extremely volatile,” said Barbara With, one of the women the group mentioned.  Throughout the Walker administration, there have been far too many ‘joke’ sites that advocate committing crimes

Well lets take a look at Barbara With and her background and exactly who she is shall we ? Some of you may know her as “Babs” or BSC With.  Which stands for Bat Shit Crazy Barbara With.

On January 21st , 2012  and after the original mining resolution was passed. BSC With took it upon herself to litter and spam every anti-Scott Walker facebook page with over the top rhetoric and threats to people .    Where she quickly declared “Breaking News: War Has Declared” “This is War. Prepare”  “The United States Of America Has Declared War On the Sovereignty Nations”  “We Will Die For This “.  Where of course the knot boys and girls quickly pointed and laughed at her;



You might also remember BSC Barbara With from her fraudulent blog post and fake facebook hunting page attempting to smear Scott Walker right before the recall election as ending public hunting in Wisconsin for deer.  Where politifacts gave her a good thumping for it.    Or perhaps her recent comments about Wisconsin republicans being fascists.   Has everyone notice that new trend?  When every Wisconsin liberals can’t get their way. They label said subject or person a fascists or fascism .  Cute little buggers aren’t they?

Her cynical craziness just doesn’t stop there either.  She once thought that known troll Jerry Fletcher was actually Scott Walker himself and the Knot My Wisconsin crew were a little Wisconsin cartel connected to the mining operations.   No folks we couldn’t make this up if we tried.


Here is Bat Shit Crazy With begging people for money because she believed the Scott Walker  Recall Election was”stolen” from her.


No wonder why even the FBI is now pointing and laughing at her.  Can you just imagine the laughter as they hung up the phone?



BSC Barbara With once declared that Lake Superior was her lover. Two scoops of crazy this one is.

We here at The Knot are still here to help.  We have found a solution for all of Barbara With’s problems.   HERE Babs, Pick one. You obviously need one.

Now if you want some good laughs?  Check out the facebook group called “Citizens Concerned About The Proposed Penokee Mine” here.

Here you will find such comments of how they really feel about the mine and the people of northern Wisconsin.  Obviously they think Northern Wisconsin is just filled with a bunch of dumb hicks.



Oh and just a little shout out to our obsessed and crazed blogging buddies Jeffy Simpson and Chris “I steal money from Milwaukee Taxpayers” Leibenthal over at Cog Dis.  Lets see if the two pinheads can figure this one out.   This is how much Ben Richie and Terry Dipper have to do with the mine issue in Wisconsin;

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