Fascism; The Solidarity Singers Edition


So unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or just been not paying attention the last week. You’ve probably heard about the Solidarity singers finally being arrested after U.S. District Judge William Conley issued ruling earlier this month.

There is a little nugget of hypocrisy that some of the local media is not really talking about. The solidarity singers complaint is that shouldn’t have to obtain a FREE permit even after the federal judge ruled other wise because of our first amendment .  They claim themselves to be “Peaceful Protesters” yet their actions tell a completely different tale.  It’s becoming ever apparent that they only really care about their rights, and not others. In fact, they are willing to go as far to trample on the rights of others who visit the capitol in Madison, Wisconsin.

Are you surprised by this? You shouldn’t be after the last two years in this state and thuggish behavior by these people at the capitol .

On March 15th, 2012 Lutheran High School from Sheboygan visited the capitol .  The students, parents and supporters were all in town to participate in the WIAA Boy’s High School Basketball Tournament and arrived at the Capitol for a celebratory rally and to have their photo taken with their legislators. Were they decided to exercise their first amendment rights.  Yet the blue fisters and singers had an issue with it.  Yes you are reading this right .  Apparently it’s freedom of speech for me but not for thee in the city that former governor Lee Dreyfus once label “30 square miles surrounded by reality”.

Now lets fast forward back to this past week.  On Wednesday, July 24th,2013 around noon the arrests started happening at the capitol.  You probably saw the main stream media take of “80 something year old singer arrested”  and blah blah blah and the victim cards were being handed out and this was all Scott Walkers fault.  How dare he do that. Yes this is unhinged lunatic left in Madison that we are dealing with.   Pay no attention the fact that her name is Joan Kemble who happens just to be the mother of Madison progressive blogger and activists Rebecca Kemble.  Who wasted no time writing up this smear piece.   Nope, nothing to see here folks. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.  There is no bias angle here .

BillDunn Ok , now lets move up to Friday July 26th little temper tantrums.  I mean never mind that both Wednesday and Thursday they were arrests after arrests and they were proud of it.   Nope, they just couldn’t stop there. They had to show the entire world their glaring hypocrisy by trampling on someone else and their rights.  It has come to our attention that there was a wedding permit issued for that day.  Hey nothing screams “We’re victims” by infringing on the rights of others by protesting Friday at the rotunda of the statehouse and outside of it.  Way to show your true colors  of that it’s really about you and your precious opinion, and  not about the right to assemble.

Perhaps it’s time someone explains to them that the term “our house” is everyone in this state and not just them and those that share their politically driven agenda’s ?

I’m sure Monday will bring another batch of stupid at the capitol come lunch time.   Blogger David Blaska was issued a permit and the event page on facebook is here . Word on the streets is that the thugs are counter protesting it . Prepare yourselves for an onslaught of heckling and more bullish behavior from them, because you know how dare you have a different opinion then theirs.

We also keep hearing them say they will continue to do it until the politicians listen to the people of Wisconsin… It would appear that these protesters weren’t listening November 2nd 2010 or June 5th, 2012 either.

Sieg Heil! , Solidarity Singers




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