Wisconsin women leftists trimming it up for a cause.

Madison WI~ In an apparent show of solidarity for a group of Wisconsin whack-a-doodles, many Wisconsin liberal women are actually doing what a mere few months ago seemed unthinkable. Yep, they are actually trimming their mustaches and showing up in droves to stand with their comrades during the daily sing-a-longs at the Wisconsin state capital. As the daily protests at the capital have turned increasingly more negative now that capital police are actually following through on their promise to arrest the offenders, those crazy lefties are actually showing up to help pad the coffers of Dane County. One can only imagine what Madison apologist and first term assembly person Melissa Sargent thinks about such craziness. Oh hell who are we kidding, we know she loves it.


The above picture is believed to be of a woman standing in solidarity with her fellow losers earlier this week at the state capital. Again, we need to remind people it is “believed” to be of a woman. We can not confirm however.

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