Flaming Hypocrisy At Its Finest.

Earlier this week we posted  a blog entry about mining issue and the idiocy of the left wing nut jobs in Wisconsin right now. We pointed out a facebook group to pay attention to.

We’ve stumbled onto a thread that may give some of our readers a good laugh. In this thread the left wing moon bats battle cry is Gtac using children for a parade in Hurley,Wisconsin for the Iron County Heritage Festival.  Oh the horror of children celebrating their mining heritage in northern Wisconsin right?   Anyhow, here is a link and the the screen shots of the conversation;  moonbat1 Moonbat2 Moonbat3 Moonbat4 Moonbat5 Moonbat6 Moonbat7

Here is where the flaming hypocrisy starts to ooze out of them . We have them bemoaning that children shouldn’t be used a “props” and how “this makes them sick”  and how disgusting this is.

Hey wait a minute here.   Didn’t we see some of this just this page week with the solidarity singers  ? Why yes , yes we did ;

It also wasn’t THAT long ago when we saw then Madison douchebag activist er I mean Dane county supervisor now state Rep. Melisa Sargent using her own children for political gains;

Obviously it’s ok for take your children to the capitol and show them how to get arrested by breaking the laws in our state , but not ok for them to walk in a parade celebrating their heritage in their own county.  Yes this is the mindset of the derange lunatic left in Wisconsin right now.

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One Response to Flaming Hypocrisy At Its Finest.

  1. Paul says:

    How is any of this hypocrasy? The singers were arrested while their children were around them, the kids in the parade were used to push an agenda. I am just trying to see how this is hypocratic.

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