Obsessed Trolls; A Dawn Henke Update


Henke the troll once faked a heart attack at the capitol to avoid being arrested

So you’ve might have caught a blog from June about a little troll named Dawn Henke who hangs out on the Governor Scott Walker Facebook page daily.  It appears that she has now upped her obsession for not just Scott Walker, but to other Wisconsin conservatives that post there.  Dawn has taken it upon herself to grow a little obsession with a republican gentlemen by the name of Grant Guess.  She has even created a facebook page in his honor and uses his profiles pictures. Yes folks, this is the crazy left in Wisconsin. Apparently the real Grant Guess lives rent free in poor Dawn’s head. After all she is victim you know. Just ask her.

Her accounts;

The Page;


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One Response to Obsessed Trolls; A Dawn Henke Update

  1. Segway Boi says:

    10 Grant Guess profiles so far have come and gone so far. A psychiatrist would say that this person is decidedly obsessive and should likely be incarcerated in an institution. They will eventually be pinpointed and there will be blood.

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