We interrupt this tantrum for a word from the people it truly affects.

While the leftist moonbats of Madison Wisconsin have been quick to point out their disdain for the proposed mining about to take place in northern Wisconsin, we really have not heard much from the people it affects the most….. The residents of Iron County. This may seem funny to people, but the “world is gonna collapse” attitude taken by Barbara With and her consortium of mental midgets does not seem to be the feeling of the people of Iron County. We can only imagine the shock in these leftist moonbats who have claimed that the mine equals genocide must be feeling as the local newspaper in Iron County have been filled with letters to the editor like the two listed below.


We here at Knot My Wisconsin are glad to see that the citizens of Iron County are willing to join the majority of the citizens of Wisconsin in welcoming GTAC to our state, and equally happy to know that their willing to stand up for their rights will further the cause of making people of the short minded thinking like Barbara With and Bobby Gee heads explode.

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