Meet Arthur Kohl-Riggs

Art likes to chase ambulances is his off time

Art likes to chase ambulances is his off time

Meet Arthur Kohl Riggs , trust fund baby, wannabe republican, Madison protester and professional dive artist .

You may remember Art from the recall when he pretended to be a republican and ran against Scott Walker in the primary.

You also might know him from the Facebook pages “Shit Scott Walker Is Doing To My State” and “Scott Walker Is A Douchebag” Which  both appear to be missing at the moment.

However, it now appears Art’s new favorite past time is taking dives from the police. As you can see here in this video from today.

Back in October of 2011,Art managed to take another dive after being arrested at a special job session in the state assembly in Wisconsin.



Here is Art running away from the Knot.

It has come to our attention that he likes to stick objects into faces and then cry wolf as well he gets called on it as well. Which usually meet with this;

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