Knot My Wisconsin announces Facebook page to relieve liberals of butthurt.

Fort Atkinson WI– In an ongoing effort to ease tensions on Facebook, today Knot My Wisconsin, a locally owned subsidiary of KnotCo International announced the formation of a specific Facebook page for liberals in the state of Wisconsin to be relieved of the butthurt they are constantly complaining about to Facebook. In making this announcement, Jerry Fletcher of KMW gleamed “hey, we are all about being responsible in our community.” Added another KMW member, The Ghost of Jerry Fletcher “people need to know that they do indeed have a place to vent about the ass poundings they receive from us for their stupidity in posting.” Less diplomatic in his observation of the situation was Shad Shawalski, who stammered out a “Dem dare liberals are yak asses and deserve all the whoopings they get. Yeah doggie, dag gummit anyways.”
“Hey, the liberals in this state have taken it so incredibly hard in the keester lately this is the right thing for us to do.” Chimed in Terry Dipper as he looked up from his computer during an online search for Ryan Wherley who apparently has gone missing again from Facebook for at least the 6th time in the last 4 months. “It is very important to David and Bill that we are portraying the proper decorum while online as we work to secure victories in next falls election cycle.”
While the unhinged liberal left of Wisconsin appears to be showing extreme skepticism about this goodwill offering from the members of Knot, they are vowing to press on. “Listen, I will continue to be a peach until Sarah Wagner says something other than ‘heil Hitler’ when I see her in the Capital daily” offered Ryan Farrington.

Below is the link to the new page.

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One Response to Knot My Wisconsin announces Facebook page to relieve liberals of butthurt.

  1. Matt Wynns says:

    Who is that guy who does the comical prat-falls at the capital every day? He screams “Assault” if you get too close to him (her?)
    The funny thing is when someone finally has had enough of his shit, he will not need to screa, “Assault” because everyone on a 300 foot radius will be well aware of whats happening.

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