Tornado Outbreak In Wisconsin, and The Moonbats Come Out

Let’s get this out of the way here. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the Fox Valley area after the recent outbreak of tornado’s .  If you would like to donate to the red cross to help these good people affected by this outbreak of storms . The link is here.  Here is some more contact information for the area as well.  We’ll try to keep you updated with more links for this as we get them.

This morning our Governor Scott Walker toured the storm damage and had a news conference .  He also posted a few pictures and posts on his official facebook page.  As you might have already witnessed, not even an outbreak of tornados and a death of a person in this state can stop the lunatic left from being unhinged.

For your viewing displeasure direct links of the current on going unhinged lunatics in our state ;

Here are some screen shots to go with the direct links;

Capture1 Capture2 Capture3 Capture5 Thread2 Thread3 Thread4 Thread5 Thread6 Thread7 Thread8



































We would like to share with you some of the anonymous names for you and pages for you , and a list of their current accounts from the above screen shots. We will give a little background on them.  These three are on the Governor’s wall daily obsessing themselves over our great governor.

Maren Hanson Overby


Maren Overby (to the left)

Overby is the queen of right click copy paste an article and spam the governors wall.  She can not manage to stay on topic for the life of her.  She thinks practicing her little Alinsky tactics attempting to derail and spamming every thread on the Governors facebook wall has some how won her the interwebz.   She can not comprehend that facebook has guidelines and can not figure out why her accounts and pages continue to get suspended.  Maren is so obsessed with Scott Walker. She has been known to troll with her own children’s facebook account after getting hers suspended for harassing people. We kid you not.  Can you just imagine that conversation with her children? Sorry kids, mommy is so obsessed with Scott Walker that I have to use your facebook to harass more people.  Um what?  Mall is open but no one is shopping, if you know what I mean.

Anywho here is the list of her current accounts and pages that we have.  She even decided to create a page to honor KMW’s Jerry Fletcher.


Sarah Wagner


Sarah can be found littering the Governor’s page pretty much anytime she isn’t out protesting him.  This lady literally eats,sleeps, and shits anything Scott Walker does and has over the last two years.. very obsessed stalker like.   As you can see by her current Orville Price accounts in the screen shots. She is also pretty famous for pulling the liberal victim card when ever her accounts get suspended for harassment.  She claims to not troll and just to be a victim of everyone else is society.  Yet the above screen shots and links stat otherwise.

Here are her pages and accounts;


Jim Cooper


Jim created the Authoritarians-and-Despots page that you see trolling and obsessing daily on the Scott Walker page in the screen shots above.   Jim is your every day trendy Paulbot.  Claims to be a conservative, but when when push comes to shove Jimmy is just another union thug who hates Scott Walker and Act 10.   Jim is teacher in Illinois and reaps the rewards of Wisconsin.   He hasn’t found something he couldn’t spin.  A pro -Walker person could say the sky is currently blue, he would argue of how its really ten shades of red with them for hours.   Can you imagine that back to school conversation with his student?  “What you do this summer Mr.Cooper”  “Kids, I hung out on facebook all summer and argued with everyone on the Scott Walker page” “I even showed those evil pro walker people how tough I was by trolling a disaster thread after people lost their lives in the fox valley from a tornado”.

Here are Jim’s accounts and Facebook pages;

To wrap this up here.  Are these unhinged moonboats so removed from humankind that they’re unable to empathize? This is just sad. The above is truly what hate is.  Is ripping on Scott Walker for anything and everything that important to them that they can not comprehend a rational thought?  These moonbats literally have no shame. It must be a sad and bitter life they live to sit on facebook daily pulling these type of shenanigans. As you can see from the above screen shots it’s all  “me, me, me” from them.  Never mind having us focus our energies to helping our fellow Wisconsinites get through this difficult time. We hope all who suffered because of this disaster recover quickly with the help of those who actually care about the people of Wisconsin.  Apparently that type of behavior isn’t for them.

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3 Responses to Tornado Outbreak In Wisconsin, and The Moonbats Come Out

  1. I was expecting this to be about global warming. Oh well, any lefty idiocy will do in a pinch.

  2. Braxton Wilke says:

    I am from Hortonville and the devastation here is over whelming…

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