Wisconsin Democrats; Delusions of Grandeur

If you haven’t already, give state chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Mike Tate a friend request on Facebook. You’re truly missing out on some good laughs. Mike took it upon himself to walk down memory lane yesterday after this article in the cap times.  BlogLULZ

“I will always be proud of what got done when Jim Doyle was Governor” Tate proclaims.  Oh  Really?  Apparently Mike is proud of Travel gate.   Where federal, state and local authorities launched a joint investigation on those rigged travel contracts that was given to the company of a major contributor to Doyle.  Where a federal jury convicted Department of Administration employee Georgia Thompson on two federal felonies?  Quick someone get Graeme Crackers on line 1 to scream John Doe for a few hours. That should distract the masses.

Perhaps he meant he is proud of Jim Doyle for selling out the state of Wisconsin with the passing of the Indian game compacts? Where the state Supreme Court ruled that Doyle overstepped his authority by approving expanded gambling?


Mike Tate is proud of Jim Dolye for driving Wisconsin over the fiscal cliff  .

Yeah it really took a ton of “courage and conviction” to raid that malpractice fund in 2007 in the tune of $200 million and leaving Wisconsin republicans in 2010 scrambling to figure out a way to repay it.  Don’t worry Mike, the adults in the room handled that one.

Yes, “Those were the days” alright.  The days of Jim Doyle’s last budget of ramming through a budget in the middle of the night with little to no public or republican input.   Maybe Mike will bemoan the Act 10  was “rammed through” after it was the longest debated bill on the Wisconsin assembly floor and longest public hearing in the history of this state?

Speaking of unions.  Perhaps Mike meant that he is so damn proud of Doyle for raiding our highways fund to take care of his buddies over at WEAC?  Then he had the cojones to even suggest to raising the state gasoline tax to offset the shortfall he created?   GET-R-DONE Mike!

That damn SSN screw up by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue under Jim Doyle’s watch was a thing of beauty as well.  Where they mailed out 170-thousand income tax forms to taxpayers with their Social Security numbers printed on the address labels. Where is costed the taxpayers a bill of $232,000.  You would think such a blunder would warrant some sort of investigation or discipline, right?  Nope not under Jim Doyle.  Revenue Secretary Mike Morgan was promoted just days later to Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Administration . No shit! We couldn’t make this up if tried.

We could go on and on here of the great blunders of Jim Doyle and his cronies under his eight years.  We will just link this blog here where you go review just some of the Jim Doyle years and his political cronyism .

You can not just “cut short” the Jim Doyle years in Wisconsin. The facts and what he did to this state is very well documented.  Apparently democrats and liberals like Mike Tate and former candidate of 38th Assembly District Scott Michalak are quite the revisionists of Wisconsin history and fail to understand that he will go down as one of the worst Governors in our states history.  Speaking of facts, someone might want to explain to old Scott that its August of 2013 and he should really keep up with current events .   Where we live in the real world and the real numbers for Wisconsin’s job growth can be found here and the projections appear to be very bright for our state.

If any Republicans think 2010 is a template for elections they will continue to have, they’re going to have a very, very rude awakening ~Jim Doyle in his interview with the Cap Times.

Challenge accepted Doyle.  Apparently you’ve been asleep the last three years where Wisconsin republicans continue to win election after election because of my fellow Wisconsinites no longer want to return to the years YOU served as Governor and Wisconsin democrats ran this state into the ground.

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4 Responses to Wisconsin Democrats; Delusions of Grandeur

  1. Matt Wynns says:

    How about our state Attorney getting shitfaced drunk and crashing OUR BUICK under Jims watch and he said NOTHING..well other than she needs to not do it AGAIN..LOL?
    God job, PEG !!!

  2. Terri Burl says:

    Really? What did I miss? What did Doyle do except give us a 3.6 billion dollar deficit?

  3. Gary Gnu says:

    Peggy’s DUI, Vetoed at the time a very popular bi-partisan sponsored voter id bill THREE TIMES. Vetoed conceal and carry even after Tim Cullen warned him not to and warned other Wisconsin democrat to override that veto because the next time it came around it would be far less restrictive. We could just go round and round with the failure of Jim Doyle.

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