Jeff Simpson Known Hypocrite

Sometimes you just have a story thrown at you by the left wingers.  Some of you may have caught the story by Right Wisconsin on the make over of Mary Burke. Well that enraged liberal blogger Jeff Simpson to write this blog over it.  Even to going as far to claim radio talk show host Charlie Sykes as sexist for it.


The faces of hypocrisy. Chris Liebenthal and Jeff Simpson

Um wait, what?   Did we just really hear one of the biggest conservative women haters on social networking call someone else sexist?

Was it not that long ago that we heard John “Sly” Sylvester make sexually degrading remarks about Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch ? Can anyone point us to the Jeff Simpson blog condemning Sly’s remarks?  Anyone?  Bueller ? Bueller? Bueller?

You know why you will not find it any where? Because it doesn’t exist. In fact, We challenged any liberal to point out a Wisconsin left leaning blog post condemning Sly’s remarks he made.  This is called selective outrage.  We’ve become very accustomed to this type of thin skinned behavior in Wisconsin from the far left wing moon bats.  They really do practice to do as we say, and not as we do.

Oh and then there is this.   Here is our good friend and republican stalker Jeff Simpson writing about Sly.

Here is Jeff showing more outrage on his facebook wall. Apparently 2012 the year it was OK to attack conservative women in our state ;  a special note of who( Wisconsin Democrat Chair Mike Tate )is in the screen joining in on the faux outrage;FauxOutrage

Update; Appears as if Amanda Terkel over at Huffington Post wants to get in on the action as well. That offer extends to you as well Amanda.  You’re more then welcome to show YOUR blog posts condemning the lefts behavior in our great state of Wisconsin over the last three years.

Update #2 Well appear that it didn’t take long for Jeff Simpson to jump up and show the world what a hypocrite truly is.  As you can see in the comment section Jeff took it upon himself to stumble on to here and stat this on October 9th;

” It really showed sykes for the true sexist he is. “

Yet here we are five days latter and Jeff decides to blog about Mary Burke  and then he give his opinion on his facebook wall;

Jeff1 Jeff2 Jeff3


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4 Responses to Jeff Simpson Known Hypocrite

  1. Thanks for sharing this story. I was proud of it. It really showed sykes for the true sexist he is. It also shoes you for the true coward you are … Sign your name!

    I would point out that im “living rent free in your head” but thats such a childish saying it would embarrass me, plus we know there isnt enough room in your head for an original thought.


    • Gary Gnu says:

      See there you go again, Jeff. It’s just so easy to point out your hypocrisy. Jeff, now explain to everyone how many fraudulent,fake names, and fake accounts that are on your friends list via facebook? Did you need us to start pointing them out to you?

      That is nothing more of do as we say, not as we do by Wisconsin liberals. It’s the story of basically every Wisconsin liberal in our state over the last three years, and right on cue, poor little Jeff refused to condemn Sly for his remarks and continues with his selective faux outrage. So no blogs huh? Pretty much as we thought. Yes, Jeff Simpson,stand proud of that.

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