Paranoia Runs Amuck


It seems as if  there is some mass paranoia and conspiracy theories these days in the land rainbows and unicorns in Wisconsin.   We here at Knot My Wisconsin weren’t aware of how bad Brian Skima from Media Trackers and the Knot crew upset some of you for speaking the truth, or exercising our freedom of speech rights.  Apparently that isn’t for them though(read on).

Any who,  from the ” Citizens Concerned about the proposed Penokee Mine ” Facebook group.  Quite the conversation took place here

Screen Shots of the conversation can be found here also(read from the bottom up for correct order) . Yes we take screen shots because we all know how liberals like to erase stuff after they get caught. 🙂

Par6 Par5 Par4 Par3 Par2 Par1

Which promoted another thread to be started by Paul DeMain.  Paul is very well known for telling outrageous fairy tales and being quite the revisionist of history.   Paul also has some dirty old skeletons in his closet.   We here at the Knot find it a little odd that an editor for IndianCountryTV would want to remove anyone’s first amendment rights. Apparently Paul DeMain only wants freedom of speech only when it suits his agenda, and all other speech is subjected to suppression by him.

Paul3 Paul2 Paul1

Oh and Bobby Gee?  Lay off the bong hits, and stop stalking people. It’s called DOPE for a reason,you burnt out hippie.


Update 1.

Well THAT didn’t take long. We posted this on our Facebook page at 2:29 P.M.  Bobby Gee posts this at  2:35 P.M.    Geez stalk much little fella ?


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One Response to Paranoia Runs Amuck

  1. Gary Gnu says:

    Seems legit. Well knot really.

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