Lee Holloway’s Son Duffy Makes Threats via Facebook

If you’re in the Milwaukee area you know who Lee Holloway is.  He’s a corrupt douchebag politician , and a slum lord ,and  there is just no other way to put it. I guess that is family trait.

Folks, let us introduce you to a family member of Lee’s that the apple doesn’t fall  far from the tree.  Apparently, his son Duffy Holloway is an upcoming politician in the Milwaukee area.  There is nice little article over at the JSO which gives us a little background on Duffy track record so far at his failed attempts to run twice as an Alderman in Milwaukee .

However, the junior Holloway likes to pawn off  and pretend that he actually is a 6th District Alderman for Milwaukee according to his Linked In account.


It would also appear that Holloway singed the Scott Walker recall petition TWICE in 2011 ;417327_3134656886118_1255686661_3291605_680846020_n-300x224

Now let’s fast forward you to January 11th ,2014 .  It would appear that liberal tolerance and diversity is alive and well ;


This is Duffy Holloway’s reaction to the John Doe II investigation going belly up that broke on late Friday.   Apparently he felt the need to give us a show of far his profiling, bigotry , racism and hatred runs.

And I quote “Bitch , If Was In Arms Reach Right Now I Would Reach Back an PIMPSMACK the Fuck Outta YOU”.

We can just imagine what the his first two posts that this poor girl deleted contained.

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