Meet Wannabe Troll Matthew Schauenburg

Folks meet Matthew Schauenburg professional asshat and bullshit artist on social networking.  It has come to our attention that Matthew has not been getting enough attention as of late.  So he’s been kicking the hornets nest with harassing,and stalking conservatives from Wisconsin again.

You may have caught a tidbit about Matthew back in July in one of our blogs .  You also may remember Matthew for the guy who went on  and not follow through with the fake hunger strike in Madison in 2011. All while people were sneaking him food.

Matthew is a “professional protester” from Madison.   He claims to be this pseudo intellectual type, when the fact of the matter that is that he’s just another Google warrior and internet tough guy(IE just another liberal pussy) gone bad.

According to Matthew anyone who dares disagrees with his precious opinion is a “Knotzie”.  This is the cute nickname the lefties in Madison have adopted for the Knot My Wisconsin members.  Well, we here at the Knot are not here to judge, but we will let you the readers be the judge of who the real Nazi is;


Does his online activity match his pictures?  You bet your ass they do.  Matthew once made up a story about urinating in the food at a Governor Walker event back in 2011.   He once threatened Governor Scott Walkers motor brigade with spike strips , but claims republicans are fascists and terrorists.   No really, we couldn’t make this up if we tried.

Matthew also likes to play blogger(his site links are below).  Apparently Matthew doesn’t do his own homework of where he is getting his own information from.   He recently posted and linked a blog post from Deranged Cyber Stalker Bill Schmalfeldt who is currently involved in legal issues such as a peace order(we call them restraining orders in Wisconsin) against him for harassment with a blogger that goes by the name WjjHode with criminal charges pending right now in the Maryland state’s attorney office.   Oh Matthew might want to check that compass he is using because the Deranged Cyber Stalker is from Maryland. That is east of us, not west.  We’re just saying.  Oh and for the record. As you can read up on him from our links. He has quite the documented history of NEVER being right about anything.


Here is one of Matthews famous internet shticks.  Anyone dares disagree with him on politics. He claims he is contacting and having people investigated by the FBI, Police, Homeland Security, His Mommy, His room full of internet attorneys. Etc..etc… It’s one of the biggest reasons he gets laughed at by everyone on Facebook and twitter.


We issue Matthew this one simple challenge. Please name ONE attorney that has been contacted or involved with an investigation of anyone from Knot My Wisconsin.  How about a police report?    No? Nothing? Hot Air and Internet Tough Guy Act?  You betcha.

Here is Matthew’s social networking information where he like to play douchebag internet tough guy on ;


Matthew like to flex his internet muscles and show everyone how billy bad ass he is


Facebook accounts ;

Twitter ;

Criminal background per the Wisconsin circuit court systems website; OWI, Possession of THC, Disorderly conduct(s).  Open Intoxicants, Passing worthless checks(charges were later dismissed).

We here at the Knot find it also a little odd that he  CCAP people and badmouths anyone about paying their bills as well.  Hmmm He still to this day has an active bill from 1996 with Meriter Hospital Inc in the tune of $4036.70 .  Apparently his hypocrisy knows no bounds.


Matthew likes to show everyone how big and bad he is on the interwebz

Folks, in the end here. He just isn’t anything special and when push comes to shove? He’s just a Madison liberal who quite frankly is just another blowhard with a big mouth looking and starving for attention.  Anyone notice that it’s always the same shtick from these idiots?  Everyone they hate belongs to the tea party, some how some way is an ALEC member. Screamed  “John Doe” for months blah blah blah.    You would think after three years of this ,they would at least attempt to come up with a new shtick.   I guess when you live such pathetic boring lives you cling onto anything and everything that some how makes you feel important.

We hereby rate Matthew Schauenburg blogs as ;


Update 1;

Isn’t it cute how Matthew attempts to rationalize his behavior ?  “Mommy, they did it first”.


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4 Responses to Meet Wannabe Troll Matthew Schauenburg

  1. Knot Roy says:


  2. This guy is an idiot. Big fat old mouth, and ten cent head when it comes to common sense

  3. Blasting agent says:

    I’d like to sit and have coffee with him someday.

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