Christine Sinicki Sinks To New Low

So apparently Wisconsin state Rep. Christine Sinicki is unhappy about all the media attention she has been receiving as of late.  As some of you may know about her Facebook posting that went viral during the Wisconsin state of the state address from Scott Walker.

Well apparently she is now double down on the amount of stupid and angry lies she is willing to put out on social networking.   Blogger Dan Bice from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel covered that today.

Her response can be viewed here on that matter;


Now with that all said, we were tipped off by another blogger about another thread that was posted on Christine Sinicki wall that we’re going to cover here;

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Now my gentle readers.  Let’s sit back and count the lies in this screen shot. Shall we?  We will now go down the list and point out the amount of stupid that is being told here. The we are victims shtick by a few is quite cute.   Well lets get the fire started.

Roberta Retrum  ;

Her documented history of obsession and stalking people on social networking  has been  covered before by us.

Jeff Simpson.

Check out old Jeffry sniffing like a lost hound dog for a story here. Why? Because Jeff hasn’t found a Wisconsin female Conservative he couldn’t harass  or show the world of what a hypocrite he is.

Graeme Crackers;

Now this is cute.   “She’s a loon”. Uh Really Graeme  ? Someone who compared  Governor Scott Walker to Jeffery Dahmer is calling some one else a loon? No shit?    Don’t worry Graeme your relevancy to Wisconsin Democrat party is now about equal to Segway boy. Congratulations on that accomplishment.

Sarah Wagner.

Now this one is real peach.  Her trolling history and debauchery is another that is both well known and documented.   You can find Sarah pretty much every day Governor Scott Walker page harassing people.

Randy Bryce…

She refused to talk to you? Fiction can be fun!

Oh we have that one on video kids.

Susan Berna ;


Here is Susan Berna making threats to a UWM teacher for being a Scott Walker supporter.

Now here is a name we haven’t heard in some time.  That is a sob story she is telling everyone here, and nothing could be further from the truth of her tall tales.  We first met this lady during the ” Not My Wisconsin ”  Facebook page days.  In other words, this dates back to pre-Knot My Wisconsin days right after Scott Walker was elected.   In fact, it was Susan Berna’s stalking and harassment of others on the internet is why the “Knot” was born.   Yes, liberals who are reading this blog.  Give Susan Berna a nice round of applause would yeah?   It was her and her friends shenanigans and obsession to harass people on the internet , and taken it to the next level of why the “Knot My Wisconsin ” group exists today.   Perhaps someone might want to ask Berna about her little stunts. Oh like lets say traveling to someone business to take pictures of the building to post them on the internet to attempt to bully and scare them?  Or perhaps you might want to peak in on her facebook account and look at all the liberal trolling pages she belongs to?   Maybe she can tell everyone how she used to spend hours reporting peoples accounts and posts on facebook who dared disagree with her precious opinion?  Um no, Susan Berna’s problem is she was caught being an asshole on the Internet by us and we called her on it.   It was even to the point that other democrats and anti-Scott Walker people on the Not My Wisconsin page were telling her she was acting psychotic and was obsessed with people.   You look no further then her ” She needs a dose of her own medicine ” comment of how silly she is.  Oh and for the record? Kristi Lacroix has nothing to do with any of that. We didn’t even know her back then.  These are just flat out lies by her.  We would more then welcome actual PROOF of this by Susan Berna.  What is that you say? You have none?  Pretty much as we thought.  Don’t worry Susan, your lies are not the biggest in this thread(read on).


Anywho, here is our questions. WHY is Wisconsin state rep. Christine Sinicki  is allowing threats on her facebook account wall? Is this something she condones? Is that the type of behavior she is looking for in her district and the state of Wisconsin ?  We would like an official statement from Christine on that one.   Oh and speaking of “Statements” . We saved the best for last.

We would like to go over this with everyone. Just to clear the air so to speak.


Hmmm interesting. Conveniently deleted huh?  We here at the Knot would really like to know why Christine Sinicki would purposely attempt to slander someone?   Is this the typical behavior of a Wisconsin State Representative?  From Christine’s behavior and comments over the last few weeks she really starting to sound like nothing more then a prepubescent teenage girl.     Ummm hmmmm now what Kristi Lacroix really sent her;   


You see we actually bothered to contact the other side to get BOTH sides of the story, and Mrs. Lacroix sent us the screen shot of the message she sent right from her phone.   Now I am not sure about you, but do you see the word “twit” mentioned any where in Kristi Lacroix message to her?  Do you see any threats here?  Nope!   Christine Sinicki a known liar and fairy tales story teller.

Oh and we here at the Knot do echo this statement. . Does Christine Sinicki understand what professionalism is?  Can she practice it?  We here at the Knot are wondering if Christine Sinicki is even adult enough to make a retraction of her statement and or issue Kristi Lacroix a public apology ? Perhaps a back pedal of a bad case of mistaken identity  ?

Perhaps Christine’s past history in education has something to do with this  ? Perhaps it’s because her sister is a teacher in Milwaukee?


Now I wouldn’t hold your breath here people. Left wing nut jobs have no remorse for their behavior and feel their behavior shouldn’t have any consequences.   As what everyone has watched and what has been on display by Christine the last few weeks.

Now we would like to issue a challenge here as well to our fellow bloggers on the other side of the isle.    Will the progressive er liberal bloggers around Wisconsin call out Christine Sinicki about her behavior and lies over the last few weeks?   Can they put down the poms poms for a second and drop the we hate all republicans agenda to call out this inexcusable behavior by a Wisconsin state representative ?

Balls in your court, kids!

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4 Responses to Christine Sinicki Sinks To New Low

  1. umfoofanoo says:

    I used to work with Susan. I believe she had problems at work due to her political harrassment…in fact I recall people calling asking for hr to make her stop.

  2. sanpatso says:

    Susan is a complete whack job. She attacks and then plays innocent bystander. If you ask me, she might be bi-polar. It is a shame to see a government official actually being friends with somebody as hate filled as that woman is. Christine would do well to clean up her friends list before it is too late.

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