Some douchebags just never learn

So it appears that Matthew Schauenburg is back playing internet warrior again.   If you didn’t catch our story from last week it can be found here.  Appears as if  Matthew Schauenburg is asking us for our opinion?


What do we think? First off, we think the Posse Comitatus hasn’t been around in Wisconsin since the 1970’s & 80’s.  We also think that Tigerton to Marinette is almost a two hour drive and 100 miles from each other and not exactly  “just down the highway” from each other. So go put on your bell bottoms and call us when you actually have a story.


Secondly, if you have someone that is pretending to be in the military. There are groups around the nation that investigates that sort of thing. Stop being a lazy fucking liberal and do your own homework.

Oh and Matthew if you’re going to post screen shots from facebook that are faked and photoshopped at an attempt to scare people ?  At least take the time to learn what the eraser tool  is and clean up your edges where you cut, copy and pasted it ? Mmmmmmmmkay?



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