Brett Hulsey Enters Governors Race




So Wisconsin state rep. Brett Husley(D-Madison) entered the 2014 Wisconsin governors race this week. He joins Wisconsin democrat 1%er Mary Burke where Governor Scott Walkers currently holds a nice +7.7 lead in the polls  according Real Clear Politics .

What possible could he run as a platform?  Convicted of disorderly conduct of taking pictures and flipping little kids of their inter tubes with his Iphone ? hulsey-spring-harbor


His thousand yard stare ?  Spending campaigning money on cars and triathlons ? Oh never mind. We all know Bretty Husley is a nutjob.   Here is a nice little piece from AM1130 WISN of how much a kooky this guy is  Perhaps he would like to run on something he was supposedly educated on?




Surely, he could not sure screw that up right?  RIGHT?  Well let’s take a look;




Hmmm apparently Brett is really good at attempting to lie to his constituents or he is just dumber than a box of rocks type stupid.  Let’s take a look at a few FACTS about CWD .

There is no known relationship between CWD and any other TSE of animals or people


Why would Representative Brett Hulsey be attempting to scare the nice folks and telling us that Whitetail deer can spread CWD to cows?   Can he provide us with some sort of science to back up such claims?

Oh and happy Earth day from the Knot . If you can make a Hippie cry on Earth Day, you are given a chocolate fountain in Heaven. That’s in the Bible. I read it on the internet. It’s true.



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