Brett Hulsey Operation Chicken

First let us say this. As said by us the other day.  This 2014 Wisconsin democrat primary for Governor is going to be hours of laughter and pure comedy gold for many Wisconsinites. The Wisconsin left will not disappoint to show us all how big of nutjobs they really are.   Well right on cue;

According to a recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report;

In a stop Tuesday in the Capitol press room, Hulsey told reporters he would challenge Democrat Mary Burke to debate him in each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties between now and the Aug. 12 primary. He said he expected she would not agree to the plan, at which point he will would launch Operation Chicken.

He said he would send somone to Burke campaign events around the state decked out in the chicken costume. The person would also wear a T-shirt that says, “Too chicken to be governor.”

Perhaps Brett Husley could employee Graeme Zielinkski for the job. We hear he isn’t busy as of late.  He would be prefect for it. We could see him dancing around to this. It’s about the Wisconsin democrats speed;






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