Koch Whores…Wait..What !??!?!?!


So you may have seen this come across your newsfeed on facebook yesterday.  Anyone care to point out the obvious here?    This picture should give everyone much joy;




Why you may be asking yourselves at this moment?  The loony left have lost their damn minds. They are now paying for advertisement of their little trolling pages. Desperate times call for desperate measures I suppose.  Take great pride people knowing that the loony left is resorting to actually needing to buy advertisement for their trolling pages to get “likes” on them, spread their hate, and get actual traffic. The simple little fact that they now need to spend money to troll on social networking and get the attention they so desperately crave should just warm the cockles of everyone heart in this state. You really need to be some sort of obsessed douchebag to even pay to play on facebook.   We here at the Knot file this under ;  WINNING

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