Ketch’em Up

We’re still alive just busy plotting our madness for November, and of course our real lives with family, and friends kind of gets in the way at times.


However, lets catch up with some current events.


How about that failed John Doe investigation ?  Just wait until the taxpayers find out that political witch hunt has cost them $350,000 so far  . That should go over well with the Wisconsin voters for November.



Everyone catch the $12.3 million dollar screw up under Mary Burke?  That Wisconsin now has to pay back?  This is the lady that is running for governor?

You can read more about that here;

Seven years after Mary Burke’s state Commerce Department issued a $12.3 million award aimed at enticing Illinois-based Abbott Laboratories to expand in Wisconsin, federal officials declared the award improper and demanded their money back.  

Obviously another great day in Wisconsin history. Much like the rest of the time frame of the Jim Doyle years.

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