Meet Matthew Zimmerman

Folks let us introduce you to a new asshat on the internet.  Matthews actually has been around the liberal Wisconsin circle for quite some time .  Kind of harmless kid with a big mouth behind the keyboard.   Any who, Matt likes video gaming, long walks on the beach, and food. He really likes food.   He really hates the hater.  We will let you read for yourself here.Capture


So Matthew claims that republicans are hateful and hate spreading?  Let’s take a look shall we?

11073321_800243580023308_6750054469326292239_nHere is a private message he sent a Wisconsin republican for disagreeing with his precious opinion on a Facebook page. Cute little thing isn’t he ? Liberal tolerance and Co-exist and stuff right?   11083686_10205284578606687_9011339217799402869_n

Matthew loves Wisconsin Veterans.   Really he does.  He loves to leave them nice little love notes.  Dumbass

Sick little puppy isn’t he?  So much liberal tolerance on display for us.   Here another nice little note he left another Wisconsin veteran;

 Matthew Zimmerman; It’s simple you fucking little cunt, kill yourself. republicans are inferior and thus should all be killed for the sake of the human race. Too bad all you of you idiots that went over to fight for oil didn’t die in the process. It would serve you right. Fucking murdering cowards with guns. Death to all of you pathetic cowardly pussies. Matthew Zimmerman 2/9, 9:54am Matthew Zimmerman And stay off Wisconsin jobs now page you little cunt

Apparently Matthew suffers from an inferiority complex with women.  He does seem like he thinks they should all be bare foot , pregnant and in the kitchen;


We here at the Knot do have to wonder exactly when the last time Matthew kissed a girl other than his mother with the filthy sewer mouth of his.  We’re laying 10-1 odds it’s been quite a few years.

Here are Matthew’s Facebook accounts.

Yes he likes to pretend to be some women named Stephanie Miller, and leave nice little messages also with that account;


We do know there is another Stephanie Miller around the Wisconsin democrat circle. So for the liberals who are reading this. You might want to message her and explain to her what exactly Matthews is up to.  We are not sure if those two had some sort of falling out , but someone might want to tell her that he is indeed impersonating her with that fake Facebook account,and harassing Wisconsin republicans with it.     Yes, we are here to help everyone and educate you on the asshats of the internet.

So if Matthews wants to look at hate and hatred.  He might just want to take a long look at himself and his wannabe Michael Moore looking hate filled fat ass of his.    If you’ve ever encountered Matthew on the net,and have a story to share. Please feel free to post on the blog or leave us a message on the Knot My Wisconsin facebook page   and we will update this blog post.

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15 Responses to Meet Matthew Zimmerman

  1. roadkill53129 says:

    Matthew has been harassing me as well. His M.O. is to Facebook message you and then quickly block you so you can’t report the message. Yes, what a sad, pathetic, waste of an incredible amount of space he is…

    • Gary Gnu says:

      Yes, for the record. These are multiple times that he’s been harassing others on facebook with dropping notes to people like this .We’ve had quite a few people come forward after this blog was posted. More to come.

  2. Why are you wasting time “feeding a troll”, and encouraging others to as well? If someone on the Net is impolite or obscene, their political bias is irrelevant. They must be ignored in order to starve.

  3. John Lukas says:

    I see a little cock sucker who’s already been made!

  4. Shelby (usmc) says:

    I agree with the above comment. Its like a 3 year old. If you sit there and give them attention they will do anything to keep that attention. This guy says he grounded by facts but really more so, its hate for things he knows nothing about. Crazy cowardish people, I swear… instead of arguing with “half a brain” over here, then get the police involved. With cyber bulling and harrasment being at an all time high…..stick his ass with something then put it to bed.

  5. Richard Grimes says:

    Matthew Zimmerman is a Girl friend stealer too! I know the guy, he’s smells because he doesn’t shower and then thinks he can take advantage of your drunk girl friend at the bar and then talk to her on facebook later! He’s a pervert deviant who plays the sympathy card by telling people he’s going to kill himself and that he’s a loner. I’ve tried to be nice to the guy several times and he just stares at me and everyone else like he wants to kill us. He’s also into horror movies and other crap so I couldn’t put it past him to be a uni bomber type personality. His liberal thinking is a disease.

  6. Richard Grimes says:

    The above can all be proven, he’s a dirt bag and I want him to know the winds of shit are a blowin’ and this little shit weasel needs to be held accountable for his big mouth. They are his words and he needs to own them. Liberals seem to think they are the only ones with an opinion.

  7. Closer_Look says:

    He has never had a job and yet complains about workers right and the demand to raise minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. He complains about things and think he knows everything even though he never once had a girlfriend. Except for touching a girls breast without her permission. Or coercing a girl to remove her clothes because she was drunk. All he does is sit on his fat ass and does nothing. And when he does something wrong like write on the Scott Walker Signs “Die Scott Walker Die” he uses a get out of jail free card because he is “special”. He knows what he is doing he has a high form of Autism and he is not afraid of using it to his advantage. I claimed this years ago on how he was and no one wanted to listen they were like Matt is Special he does not do that or they feel sorry for the S.O.B. and people constantly do things for him.

    I have known Matt for a long time. I could tell you all of his little faults and everything that he has done wrong. Like how he was flirting with my friends sister when she was only 13. He would go up to my friend and tell him how much he liked his sister, this friend would tell Matt to knock it off and yet Matt would continue to talk about it. When Matt finds out you get a girlfriend he gets jealous and does talk to her behind your back and spreads stuff about you trying to get her to break up with you.

    There is a lot to tell you on how bad Matt really is and he honestly deserves to be punished for everything that he has done. I am tired of seeing people treat him like he is an angel when he is not.

    • Kelly says:

      My son has autism and he’s nothing like this. Normally autism kids are simple sweet kids. They are honest and kind to a fault. This guy must have some other disorder he sounds down right psychotic.

      • Gary Gnu says:

        The autism angle of not knowing any better many people are not buying. The theory with that is that if he didn’t know what he was doing. He wouldn’t have been messaging people and instantly blocking them so he couldn’t be reported to facebook for it . That is a facebook bug that has been around for quite some time. So he was very aware of exactly what he was doing at the time. Not many are buying his victim card.

  8. Ryan says:

    That first comment was directed at me I swear!

  9. IAVA Veteran says:

    You should kill yourself and save the rest of the country from your bullshit. I wonder if he remembers sending me this

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