Re: Meet Matthew Zimmerman

Here is an update to yesterdays blog post of Meet Matthew Zimmerman 


So Matthew is posting away this was all faked. Photo shopped , he never said any of this. There all LIES!!!    Not one screen shot was faked. The meme was of course Photoshoped. The screen shots of what he was sending to people? Um yeah not so much.  Let’s just forget about the people coming forward posting on the original blog post ratting him out.  Never mind his friend in the above photo  ratting him out as well.    Hey let’s just pretend your cousin didn’t rat him out last night either.     Nothing to see here right?

No , what the problem here is that Matthew never though he’d be caught doing any of this. Anyone find it a little odd not a mention from Matthew about his little fake account?

Here is a nice little open letter . I invite Matthew to come join us on this blog.

Dear Matt,

This has nothing to do with your politics nor anyone else’s, and everything to do with YOUR behavior.  The only person trying to turn this politically is well um YOU.  Yes, you were sending veterans those messages. Yes, you were sending women nasty messages .   Yes, you were playing the childish little game of sending those messages and then instantly blocking those people so you couldn’t be reported to Facebook.  If you want to finally be a man and an act adult. You come here and accept responsibilities for your own actions and apologizes to the veterans and the women you were sending those messages to.  You do that, and we will take down the blog posts.  You are thirty-one years old.  Most thirty-one years olds do not act like this.

Of course, you will not do any of that because it’s more important for you to be an internet tough guy instead of doing the right thing.   Perhaps next time you will think twice about hitting the send button before acting like captain fuckwad on the internet.


We have received notice that allegedly some people are sending Matthews threats. If you’re doing that.  We kindly ask you to stop. If you threaten him. You are no better than him and his actions.

Also for Matthews “friends” who continue to make excuses for him.  We will just let you know right now. These few screen shots that are posted?  Those are just the tip of the iceberg. As you can see by others coming forward. That Matthew has been doing this for months.  Four months on a pretty consistent basis that we know of.  He is lucky we didn’t post the one we have of him making death threats to Scott Walker and a young lady.  That one would probably get him a knock on the door from state authorities. Her crime in Matthews eyes? Her profile picture is with her and Scott Walker.   So this isn’t like it’s a one-two-three time thing for him.   It’s been pretty regular for him.  No, again, the issue here is that he was caught , and now he wants to play the victim card with everyone.

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