A Wisconsin News Update

Let’s see here.  Scott Walker signs Right To Work legislation into law. The union thugs heads are exploding around the country.    The Supreme Court refuses to hear the Voter ID argument, and voter id is now law in Wisconsin. Only furthering that their little injunction back in late October was very partisan.  Wisconsin liberals and their ugly racism rears its ugly head again after Voter Id passes.     Oh and hey the Kenosha teachers union  got their asses handed to them in court also.

In other news. Bucky makes the Sweet 16. Ted Cruz officially announces he is running for President .  Oh, and the Journal Sentinel , John Chisholm and the Milwaukee DA office continue to make a mockery out of our judicial system.  All while costing the state tax payers $775,000 so far for their political driven witch hunt.

Scott Walker continues to pop up on the national spotlight as he makes his decision to run for president. That has made the Wisconsin liberals very Sadz.  If you haven’t looked at the Governor Scott Walker Facebook page in awhile. Take a look. There is definitely an unique brand of stupid that has been popping up there as of the last few months.

Just remember folks:


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One Response to A Wisconsin News Update

  1. John Lukas says:

    She’s missing her mustache!

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