State Trooper Shot To Death; Left Wing Moonbats explode with hate.

First off we would like to pass on own condolences to the entire Casper family.   Wisconsin State Trooper Trevor Casper was shot in the line of duty late Tuesday night.  You can show your support from him on facebook here by giving this page a like  

They have set up a go fundme account here ;


A memorial fund has been set up for Trooper Casper. If you wish to donate to the memorial fund, you may do so at any branch location of National Exchange Bank & Trust in Wisconsin. The account is titled “Benefit for Wisconsin Trooper Trevor Casper”. You can find locations listed on the bank’s website at

Update :   You can also attend this event on facebook. The direction for the blue light for Sunday are on the page .

Now onto the rest of the story.  As always Governor Scott Walker paid his condolences on Social Networking today.      As you can see here ;


That prompted quite the reaction from the left wing hate machine. As former 2014 Democrat Lieutenant Governor Candidate Mary Jo Walters gives her little hate filled opinion.  Folks these are the real democrats we’ve dealt with for the last four years in this state. They always show their true colors;

1 2 3 4


You can see Mary Jo Walters in action in the screen shots above and the youtube clip.   Oh and here are a few comments from her twitter account ;


Then you have embarrassing comments from other people in our state.  Karma

Robert here has taken it upon himself to flood this WITI Fox 6 Facebook page to show the world what an internet tough guy he is.

If you have anyone you would like add , or have seen other asshats around the internet today involving this story.   Please feel free to message us on our facebook page or drop us a note in the comment section.

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