Amherst Fire Chief Wants Scott Walker Hit With a Shovel?

So Scott Walker announces the Groundbreaking for 250,000 sq. ft. building at Werner Electric in Grand Chute. Expansion that will create 97 new jobs for them.  Good for Grand Chute , and great story right?


Credit ;Scott Walker Facebook Page

Well not according to the Fire Chief from Amherst,Wi named Victor Voss.  


Mr Voss appear to not like Scott Walker by his cover photo of his facebook account which he proudly displays  . Shocking right?     10981960_10206757407118053_4264854261003707842_n

Apparently someone has forgotten to explain to Mr. Voss that posting something like this on social networking is not so high in the common sense department.    When questioned over this.    Mr. Voss promptly explains himself.  ‘It’s Just A Joke’  Right…..


Update;  According to Victor Voss Facebook profile ,and LinkedIn resume, not only is he the fire chief for Amherst.  He is also a full time Neenah Menasha firefighter.

Update II;   It appears as if Mr. Voss decided to erase the post off of facebook as we figured he would. This is why  you take screen shots with the URL’s attached to it.   Um hmm;


Update III   Obviously the Amherst Fire District facebook page is not a fan of our story.  Our Knot My Wisconsin page was banned and the blog post was removed for merely posting it on their page.

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One Response to Amherst Fire Chief Wants Scott Walker Hit With a Shovel?

  1. Brian Dey says:

    Already notified the Amherst Village President and Administrator.

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