Meet Internet Warrior Jim Honeck

Everyone, please meet Internet Warrior Jim Honeck of Mukwongo, Wi


Image Credit; Facebook

Mr. Honeck has been harassing people on the Governor Scott Walker page daily for the last four years behind hundreds of fake facebook accounts, and facebook pages   He likes to harass innocent  people that post on the Governor Scott Walker page.  In 2013-2014ish, Mr. Honeck created fake accounts of the following people; Keith Best, Diane Meisner,RC Blohm,  RJ Johnson, Jill Bertrand and  Grant Guess.    Their cyber crimes in Jim Honeck eyes? They support Scott Walker.  Anyone who disagrees with Mr.  Honeck and he threatens to call the FBI, C.I.A, N.S.A and of course the G.A.B and has cases pending on them.   Um wait , what?   He wants to be a facebook troll, but tries to report everyone for laughing at him on the Governor Scott Walker page. No folks, we couldn’t make this up if we tried.



Here is Jim Honeck pretending to be Keith Best behind one if his facebook accounts


Image Credit Facebook. Here is Jim Honeck trying to fail dox someone on the Scott Walker facebook page



Image Credit;Facebook

It has come to our attention also that Mr. Honeck is such a bad troll that he is willing to file fraudulent  DCMA reports on anyone who creates a facebook page with the name Pogue Mahone.  In which he has no legal standing to do so.   Cute huh?


Here are some Jim Honeck’s current facebook accounts that have been handed over to us. .             

A few of his current pages.  We’re not even going to try and list them all because he creates new ones everyday,  but some of the common names he has used in the past are Pogue Mahone, Pog Mothoin, Plato, and Luciferàto/907128622641897                                         

A few ways to spot a Jim Honeck page. He calls everyone “Rightie Cons”. He likes to use the term “Thugsters” is several variations.  He also as of late is very obsessed with spamming this picture on the Governor Scott Walker page.     He is very obsessed with a guy by the name of Grant Guess on facebook. He calls him GRG, or Greasy.  He think everyone laughing at him is Grant.   In fact here he is under one of his fake Grant Guess pages harassing people admitting that his wife has an issue with his trolling.  What is momma going to do when she gets a hold of this ,and  reads this? Looks like James might be sleeping on the sofa sleeper for awhile.     Yes , this guy is a special breed of stupid.


Here is a real nice comment he left on the Scott Walker page for the opener of the 2015 fishing season


If you have ever been harassed or bullied by Mr. Honeck please drop us a line and we can update the blog.  I am sure we will be updating this one periodically .

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7 Responses to Meet Internet Warrior Jim Honeck

  1. Honker's Nightmare says:

    Old numbnutz Honkers started his cloning (identity theft) in Dec 2012. It included RJ Johnson (2X), Max Schmidt (US Navy), Jill Bertrand, Diane Meisner, Keith Best, RC Blohm and Grant Guess (60X+). 6 of those are felony identity theft, impersonation and harassment. He did this for 18 months, then suddenly left Gov Walker’s Facebook page.

    He was seen posting on the Wisconsin Reporter page under his real name, in his normally incoherent style. A fake page was made using an approximation of his name to “smoke him out” and like the fool he is, he gave himself away as the cloner in a heartbeat. In fact, he went batshit insane and came back over to Walker’s page with his special style of insanity that we see today.

    To add to his woes, he made up a page called “Watching the Wisconsin Poll-Watcher’s Militia. This ill-advised attempt by this internet moron got him into further trouble with the WI DoJ because he willfully associated some of the aforementioned people (and others) as being responsible for a page called “Wisconsin Poll Watcher’s Militia”. Not a single one of the people that Honeck associated with that page had the slightest thing to do with the page….oooops. Only, each person that he identified by name and face on that page is ANOTHER felony charge. He thought that he was being “the man” and instead, will find himself thoroughly fucked beyond his imaginings. It’s just a matter of time…..

    If you are reading this Honkers……fuck you…fuck your wife Yvonne….fuck your mom Charlotte too.

  2. Grant Guess says:

    seems like someone ha the sadz ROFLMAO

    • Grim Reaper says:

      ^^^ this is Honkers himself. Shouldn’t you be fornicating your cat? Did any guests stop out to see your shitty art show on Friday nights? Give it time, peckerbreath.

  3. John Lukas says:


    He has called me greasy on MANY occasions! Quite the actor!

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