Re: Meet Internet Warrior Jim Honeck

Gather around our gentle readers.  At 2:00 a.m this morning Jim Honeck filled a DCMA take down notice on this blog piece by us from yesterday.   DCMA1DCMA2

As you can see by the screen shots. Mr. Honeck request was denied under the terms of fair use.  Apparently Mr. Honeck had to learn the hard way that this isn’t Facebook where you can fraudulently file DCMA take down notice and work loop holes. As he has done before.   Oh and butthurt isn’t a tort.  Obviously, Mr.Honeck only wants freedom of speech when it’s suit his little agenda, and all other speech is subjected to suppression by him.  It’s been the little internet trolls ,and thugs agenda’s for the last four years in this state. One thing we’re sure of is that Mr. Honeck does not want anyone to find out of what exactly he has been up to the last four years on facebook with  his harassment of others.


Here is Mr. Honeck under one of his fake pages in 2013 trying to bully and harass people on the Governor Scott Walker facebook page by stealing people profile pictures and using them.



We also do have a short update here.  It has also come to our attention. That late last night, Mr. Honeck did take it upon himself to start making threats to people on the Governor Scott Walker facebook page(I know shocking right?) .   We’re not sure who this David guy is, but Mr. Honeck decided to post his personal information with posting his resume on the Governor Scott Walker page.  However, we’re assuming here. The second screen shot is a reference to Deputy Communications Director for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Julie Lund? Someone might want to contact to her and let her know what he is up to.


HoneckHarrassing1 HoneckHarssing2. PNG


Thank you to everyone who continues to send us this information. Oh and let’s not forget kids what exactly we’ve learned here today;



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3 Responses to Re: Meet Internet Warrior Jim Honeck

  1. Honker's Nightmare says:

    Jimmy is an insignifiCUNT little man that absolutely craves attention. He knows soooo very little about the internet and is constantly getting pwned by his master, GRG. GRG has annihilated his dumbass at every turn and will ultimately be the person responsible for Jimmy spending many romantic nights being Bubba’s bitch. Jimmy’s single biggest mistake in life was fucking with GRG and the day will come when he will regret that very foolish decision.

    If you have a bone to pick with this jackwad before the judge slams the gave on him, I suggest running over to Free Art Waukesha any Friday night. Jimmy runs the show there and is easy to find.

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