Monday Morning Derp!


Some times liberals just show just how ridiculous they are to the world.  Yesterday afternoon our great governor Scott Walker posted a nice photo of our Wisconsin state capitol  from across Lake Mendota.  Pretty normal behavior right?    


image credit Facebook

Well not for liberals, in comes a liberal troll to point out the ridiculousness of his anger and blind hatred for Scott Walker.   Way to show your  off your tolerance,and ignorance in a few posts, Stu;


Apparently someone needs a few geography and civics lessons as well.   Scott Walker wouldn’t be at the U.S. Capitol if he decides to run for president of the United States. He would be at the White House .  Last we heard, he wasn’t trying to decide if he was running for  an U.S. Rep or Senate seat.     Secondly,  Oh we are rather sure that Lake Mendota is about five plus times the size of the capitol reflecting pool  , and no where near Washington , D.C.

We rate this;

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