Someone has a case of the sadz

Looks like obsessed Walker stalkers ,and serial reporters Sarah Wagner and Jim Honeck are back to their old tricks.   It would appear as if neither of them want you to know how obsessed they are,and are now reporting url’s with names in them.

This reported yesterday on the Knot My Wisconsin faceboook page ;   DERPHONKERS1

We were tipped off by this last week by a facebook fan on KMW page that Sarah Wagner has also been doing this on the Governor Scott Walker page as well.   You see , in typical liberal fashion. They only support freedom of speech when it suits their little agendas. All other speech is subjected to suppression by them.  You can find Sarah every day on the Governor Scott Walker page. Where she spends fourteen-sixteen hours a day on there. Spamming the page , arguing with anyone and everyone who will give the little attention whore attention,and reporting anyone who disagrees with her.   Yes, a real “winner” in life this one is.  Yes, this one is a prime example of “Walker Derangement Syndrome”.

Oh and for the liberal goons reading this ?  I hope you’re enjoying Scott Walker on the national stage right now. Yes, you built that, and are not smart enough to even figure it out.

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One Response to Someone has a case of the sadz

  1. John Lukas says:


    I haven’t posted over there in AGES. But when I stopped by to screw with them last week, they were STILL blaming ME and were confused and sadz as per usual.

    My work over there is done!

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