Wisconsin blogger and School Board Member thinks Canada borders Wisconsin

Is everyone is understanding this entire Walker Canadian wall comment?  Liberals and our media attack two ways. You’re either evil or stupid if you’re a republican. It’s been their mantra for years. Even if it means making it completely up. As we know, they’ve failed miserable with the Walker is evil angle.  They’ve failed miserable with the John Doe II story. The liberal media, Milwaukee DA’s office , and the GAB look like complete chumps over that story . On to changing the narrative.

Now to attempting to make him look like he is stupid.  We have liberal blogger Jeff Simpson attempting to use the moral’s angle(LOL).   Well it didn’t take long for Jeff to show his true colors and ignorance over on the Governor Scott Walker facebook page;


Not only does he get a good laugh for him  claiming “Unlike Jay Weber I report facts” after he writes a political dishonest hit piece about Scott Walker . When it’s clear anyone with an ounce of common sense understand that it was NBC’s Chuck Todds who said build a fence along Canada’s border not Scott Walker. It’s plain silly “Gotcha” interviews,and comments from people who didn’t bother to watch the interview. Talk show host Jay Weber covers this yesterday;


Simpson then proceeds to doubles down on the stupid with claiming Wisconsin borders Canada.  Is this someone who should be on the Monona Grove School Board making decisions for our children?   Um Jeff not only does Wisconsin NOT land border Canada. The Great Lakes boundaries waters of  Lake Superior belong to Michigan and Minnesota. In no way such way or form does Wisconsin BORDER Canada.

This seems to be an epidemic with Wisconsin liberals with struggling with geography.  This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this ; in 2010 Peggy West struggled with Arizona bordering Mexico;

Reality is that this is no different than when they attacked Sarah Palin for Tina Fey’s ” I can see Russia from my house.” comments on SNL. To this day many still believe Palin made those comments.  

At some point, you would think Jeff Simpson would get sick of embarrassing himself but not sure that is possible for him.   Shame is definitely not one of his virtues.

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